Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Making a silk purse out of a Boar(omeus') ear

Well I got in from the open road and found (much to my glee)2 pre-pub copies of Tony Jones' new book "The Teaching of the 12" in my I sat down and immediately read the book. Tony and I had discussed the book many months ago and I was curious to see the final draft. What I found was much better than I could have ever dreamed or imagined.
By the time I finished I again came to appreciate the mind and heart that God put into Tony. His ability to communicate difficult material is something I envy. He took a document (Didache) and brought it to relevance in the present and into the future. Most importantly he made us (the Cymbrogi) look like we actually knew what we were doing in our spiritual journey! All joking aside I really appreciate the friendship that Tony and I have established and count him as one of our "companions of the heart".
I hope the book does well and changes the direction of many as they seek to become church as Christ intended. Thanks Tony for making us feel that the lives we have lived may count for the greater good of the Kingdom. I'm always ready for the next road trip.
God bless you brother,thanks.
Grace and Peace


Jonathan Blundell said...

Excellent! Glad the book turned out even better than you expected!

Can't wait to get a copy of my own.

Theresa Seeber said...

Frank, you are right about Tony. As David says, he can take the things that previously only those in high academia can speak, and bring them to the common mind to grasp and enjoy. I am eager to get my hands on this masterpiece as well, and I applaud the efforts you made to help Tony make it a success. It is beautiful to see what two great minds can do when put together, let alone two great hearts like yours. XOXO

Ted Seeber said...

What I'm amazed at is that you and Tony can take the foundational document of the Episcopate and Apostolic Succession- and somehow use it to deny both. I look forward to reading this book.

ecclesiophilus said...

Is the book out yet?
Why aren't you posting more often?
I really enjoy what you say and often have found a strange parallelic symmetry in our experiences.
C'mon Frank - more please.

Cathryn said...

eh..... you don't have my blog on "blogs you like"...... come on mate! xo
waiting for the next post you teased about on facebook. you sneaky - cheeky bugger!